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Energy circle represents the circle of spiritual services: Intuitive spiritual counseling * Medium work * Reiki treatments * Workshops: Experienced psychic-medium and Reiki Master, compassionate and accurate, available for in-person, phone, Facetime, Google Meet, Facebook messenger or email appointments. Virtual appointments can be used for Readings or remote Reiki. or 2163120010 Note: virtual readings time zone is Eastern

What is new in 2024: Chakra analysis: Each reading (in person or virtual) will include a chakra analysis where I see which chakra needs clearing or healing and send Reiki energy to the chakra and offer suggestions on self healing.

Heart healing: During Reiki in person or virtual - focus on heart healing, releasing blocks that are stored and feeling more of a love vibration. Aligning with your greatest potential to give and receive love, including self love. You can also book a Reiki session that focuses primarily on the chakra healing. this will include energy reading, Reiki, sound healing and affirmations..

No additional cost.


A psychic group party can be a wonderful way to get together with friends and get a reading at a discount - ($40 per person with hostess free for 6 plus more) can include medium work. (If you are concerned, guests' arrivals can be staggered and limited to under 10)


Intuitive Reading:- $45
Intuitive Readings, Medium Sessions, Reiki or Past Life Readings can be done virtual

* clarity on issues you may be facing
* insight into what the future may hold
* validation of your own intuition or insights
* exploration of what talents, passions or abilities you have
* connection with your spiritual center and guidance from the angels

Medium session:
* Comfort and messages
* Assurance that your loved ones visit you through description
* Clarification on any issues surrounding their passing

Reiki session:
* Stress release and spiritual uplifting
* Release of emotional or energetic blocks
* Aiding the bodyís own natural healing and/or recovery ability
* Intuitive insights on energy movements
* Reiki can be done remotely and be included with a intuitive reading- $60
Past Life Reading
A combination of Reiki and guided meditation to lead you to discovery of past live(s). This can include past life reading insights.

What doesnít happen in a psychic reading::
I wonít scare you or promise you something that I donít see coming.
I never predict death as that is in Godís hands.
If I donít see it or donít get something I will be honest and tell you versus telling you something you may want to hear.
Itís not about me, my ego or what I channel, itís not about me becoming more important than you in the session. I donít channel celebrities or try to impress you with anything unrelated to you and your needs.

A reading (or reiki) is a collaboration Ė a partnership, an energy exchange. It is not for me to show off or prove myself (although I regularly do). The more you are open and receptive the more you will receive. I am here to serve spirit, to offer insight and guidance, and to foster hope. I also believe strongly that all guidance comes from spirit and it is simply my goal to be an unbiased channel.


My philosophy is that "energy is everything" and the energy of our thoughts help to co-create our lives with spirit. That energy of our spiritual being radiates outward which is how I can read the energy or help to heal the energy. Because I read energy I can sense spirit guides and those who have crossed over. I believe that everyone should be empowered to become intuitive and to utilize energy to help sooth, heal and change their lives. My readings are always about empowerment, compassion and of course accuracy. Our free will to change our lives can be assisted by a reading or Reiki treatment. Knowing what energy is around and in us can help us to make the changes we want to attain inner peace, prosperity and happiness. Because I have many years of experience doing readings and Reiki, my ability to sense energy and teach others has grown as well as my appreciation for our shared journey.

Medium Appointments - you can book an appointment with me for solely medium sessions which is contacting and exploring your connections with those who have passed, your spirit guides and angels.

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