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Monthly Events:
Crystal Ball Readings at Tremont Second Friday of every month- Art Walk Night – 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Razor’s Edge Salon 2673 West 14th Street Tremont No appointment necessary. Fee: $20 special Special Love readings this month too!
Crystal ball readings are predictive, insightful, with spiritual guidance and contain medium work as well. I work with the crystal ball alongside tarot readings as an intuitive form. The crystal ball gives people insights that are accurate and helpful. No appointment necessary.



Energy circle represents the circle of spiritual services I offer:

Intuitive spiritual counseling
Medium work
Reiki treatments

These spiritual services are offered in groups, individual consultations and/or by telephone.

I am experienced as an intuitive over 20 years and as a Reiki Master over 15 years. I am an accurate psychic and medium.

Please go to my appointment page to explore all the different ways I offer my spiritual services: In-person, email, group parties, Reiki appointments and Reiki classes. Note: Spirit has blessed me with a transition so I am available for day and evening appointments now - so check with me for availability. Please visit my appointments page.


My philosophy is that "energy is everything" and the energy of our thoughts help to co-create our lives with spirit. That energy of our spiritual being radiates outward which is how I can read the energy or help to heal the energy. Because I read energy I can sense spirit guides and those who have crossed over. I believe that everyone should be empowered to become intuitive and to utilize energy to help sooth, heal and change their lives. My readings are always about empowerment, compassion and of course accuracy. Our free will to change our lives can be assisted by a reading or Reiki treatment. Knowing what energy is around and in us can help us to make the changes we want to attain inner peace, prosperity and happiness. Because I have many years of experience doing readings and Reiki, my ability to sense energy and teach others has grown as well as my appreciation for our shared journey.

Medium Appointments - you can book an appointment with me for solely medium sessions which is contacting and exploring your connections with those who have passed, your spirit guides and angels. This is an in-person appointment for $45.